About Zhoushan

        Zhoushan City, which belongs to Zhejiang province, is the first prefecture-level city built on islands in our country. It is located at the juncture of Gold Coastline and Yangtze Golden Waterway in eastern China and backed by a great economic hinterland in Yangtze Delta. If Yangtze River were compared to a giant dragon jumping into the East China Sea, whose head would be Shanghai, then Zhoushan City would be the dazzling dragon ball of its head. With 1390 islands and over 270 miles deep water coastline, Zhoushan City is the largest archipelago and an important port city in China. It has two districts: Dinghai District, Putuo District; two counties: Daishan County, Shengsi County and its permanent population is 1,146 million.


Zhoushan City is a city of hope full of dreams. It has become a strategic base for implementation of “Strong Ocean Power” by national government because of approval of establishment and development plan of Zhoushan Qundao New Area in Zhejiang province. Supported by the establishment of new area, Zhoushan City is bound to attract large investments and become a city of hope full of passion and dreams.