Technical Tours

Tour 1: Labs of physical experiment

The labs of the physical experiment in the Ocean College of Zhejiang University are equipped with a 50m*35m*1.6m (length*width*depth) water basin, five coastal engineering flumes, a 70 Mpa hyperbaric test tank, submarine observation network prototype system test platform, high temperature and high pressure simulation test platform, marine extreme environment simulation test platform, mechanical semi-physical simulation test platform for renewable energy.


Tour 2: Ports and harbors

Ningbo-Zhoushan Port is one of the main deep-water ports in China. Ningbo-Zhoushan Port consists of 19 port areas including Beilun, Yangshan, Liuheng, Lushan, Chuanshan, Jintang, Datun, Danang and Meishan. There are more than 620 production berths, including about 160 large berths of over 10,000 tons, more than 90 large or extra large deep water berths. 


Tour 3: Daqing Mountain

Daqing Mountain is the best location to get the fantastic view of southern Zhoushan Archipelagos, where more than one thousand islands spreading on the sea. The sandy beaches around the Daqing Mountain is attractive to both tourists and scientists.