Session Topics

1. Coastal hydrodynamics and coastal processes

2. Climate change impact, adaptation, and mitigation

3. Extreme events – assessment and mitigation

4. Laboratory techniques and measurement systems

5. Sediment transport, erosion, and sedimentation

6. Wave and tidal energy

7. Coastal and ocean structures, breakwaters, and revetments

8. Estuary and coastal environment and eco-hydraulics

9. Field measurement and monitoring

10. Ports, marine terminals, navigation, ship motions

11. Wave synthesis, generation, and analysis

12. Marine geotechnics


special session topics

S1. Coastal Reservoirs for SDG6

         Chair: Shuqing Yang (University of Wollongong, Australia)

         Co-chair: Ramesh H. (National Institute of Technology, India)

S2. Marine Aquaculture Engineering

         Chair: Fukun Gui (Zhejiang Ocean University)

         Co-chair: Nils Goseberg (Technische Universit?t Braunschweig)

S4.Coastal Hazards and Integrated Management Options 

         Chair: Prof.  Zai-Jin You (Dalian Maritime University, China )

         Co-chair: Prof. Peter Nielsen (University of Queensland, Australia)

Call for Proposals of Special Sessions!